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A Quarterly Newsletter from the Electromechanical & Drives Division
Parker Launches Virtual Engineer
Parker is proud to present Virtual Engineer, our new online electromechanical and pneumatic actuator sizing tool, making it easier than ever for design engineers to take an application concept to a complete solution.

Practical Applications for Precision Electromechanics in Photonics 
In a world of constant technological advances, the photonics industry is seeing rapid growth with no signs of a slow-down. Photonics is the branch of technology concerned with the properties and transmission of photons.

Key Design Considerations for Automating Your Microplate Handling Instrument

The microplate is a staple to the world of modern medical testing and analysis. Ever since the first 12-well plate was developed, plate densities have steadily increased, and their use and popularity have grown exponentially. This general trend of higher well density, as well as the quantity tested, have driven the need for automated equipment to facilitate the handling of plates at all stages in the process from sterilization all the way through the actual analysis of the plate.

Can't Find an Off-the-Shelf Solution for Your Application?
As OEMs of various industries continue to develop new technology and methods of inspection, their application requirements for motion control solutions are more demanding than ever. Parker’s dedicated electromechanical business is an industry leader in solving positioning applications, including those that require linear motor stages. From initial design concept to production level manufacturing, Parker will assist you along the entire way of the project while providing the right engineered solution.

Seven Factors to Consider When Selecting Linear Mechanics for a Vacuum Environment

When people hear the word vacuum, most think about the machines used to clean your home. However, there’s an entirely different meaning in manufacturing that helps enhance how we live our daily lives. It may seem far-fetched, but various medical devices, handheld electronics, and studying the history of how our universe began all have something in common. The answer, you ask, is that all are created in a vacuum environment.

A New Approach to Machine Design and Actuator Specification

Pressures to reduce overhead cost and maximize profitability have forced original equipment manufacturers and machine builders to significantly reduce their engineering spend. With a multitude of options and technologies along with complex sizing and selection process, machine design has become a burdensome process.

Specifying a Motor for a Hazardous Location? What You Need to Know
Hazardous locations are operating environments in which explosive or ignitable vapors or dust are present, or are likely to become present. It is normal for various processing applications where gas, liquid or dust will be present in enough volume to cause an opportunity for them to ignite and cause a fire and/or explosion. An example would be an automated paint spray booth where the vapors in the air would ignite from a spark, or from a motor’s surface temperature that was too hot.

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