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A Quarterly Newsletter from the Electromechanical & Drives Division
Introducing the IX and PCA Powerstations

Parker is pleased to announce the release of the IX – Parker InteractX PowerStation and the PCA – Parker Industrial PC PowerStation. The IX runs on the same base hardware and software as the PCA Industrial PC PowerStation but with one key difference: the IX comes pre-loaded with Parker’s powerful supervisory HMI runtime, InteractX™.

Roller Wheel Bearing Actuators:
Pros & Cons

Most engineers are comfortable with the qualities of square rail bearing linear actuators and they use them regularly for motion support. Let's take a quick moment to discuss the pros and cons of roller wheel bearing linear actuators.

Choosing Between Steel or Aluminum Structural Framing? Read This.

Are you on the fence about structural framing for your machine? Despite the many presentations, articles, and forums that provide helpful pieces of information for engineers approaching this fork in the design road, sometimes it's a good idea to take advice from a trusted partner.
PLCs, PCs, & PACs: When the Lines in Motion Control Become Blurred

Historically, motion controllers, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and industrial personal computers (PCs), which have clearly defined functions in a control system, were separate components. With the rise of programmable automation controllers (PACs), motion controllers are increasingly difficult to distinguish from PLCs. Programmers are building custom applications on PCs to create decentralized control schemes that command a wide array of sub-control devices, including motion controllers, drives, vision systems, etc.

How Answering 6 Key Questions Will Improve Your Motion Control Strategy
Whether searching for a partner or planning to do the work internally, to bring motion and control value to your next development project, verify that the team has the right tools and skills to guarantee success. To facilitate a successful motion control strategy, use these six key questions to insure the elimination of waste and the maximization of value.
The Benefits of EtherNet IP

What do customers really mean when they ask for an EtherNet/IP servo drive? Nine times out of 10 they want a servo drive that quickly and easily integrates into a Rockwell CompactLogix or ControlLogix system. While Rockwell is not the only control supplier with EtherNet/IP-based solutions, it certainly has a dominant place in the North American PLC market. Older fieldbus solutions such as DeviceNet are being phased out, making EtherNet/IP almost the exclusive choice for adding servo drives to a Rockwell system.  

Machine Design in the 21st Century

When commercial electromechanical actuators or stages first became available, a new machine’s design was often dictated by the limited number of products available to designers with very rigid designs that did not allow for customization. More than four decades later, however, the “one size fits all” approach to machine design is far less common. Because your customers are demanding highly configurable and adaptable machines, machine designers are expecting their automation suppliers to deliver components that allow them to produce a new generation of more flexible machines.

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