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A Quarterly Newsletter from the Electromechanical & Drives Division
FALL 2015
How Ironcore Motors Defeat Cogging and Find New Uses

Ironless linear motors have had a clear advantage over ironcore linear motors in many applications for one clear reason: they’re not subject to cogging. “Cogging” is a term used to describe non-uniform velocity. It can appear as a jerky motion, especially at slow speeds.

Hydraulic Hybrids Can Power Off-Road Vehicles
Integrating a hydraulic generator into traditional hybrid powertrains can lower costs and increase overall efficiency.
Automotive engineers may be further ahead in applying hybrid technologies, but some of the most exciting hybrid innovations these days target off-road OEMs and makers of construction and farm equipment. Although these innovations could soon migrate over into consumer vehicles, right now they make sense for industrial vehicles and work equipment in terms of ROI and meeting (or avoiding) municipal and federal regulations.

Designed for Performance
Introducing the P Series drive.
The new P Series drives are packed with features and capabilities, yet remain competitively positioned for even the most demanding OEMs. The drives are offered in three power levels and two different control interfaces, Pulse and EtherCAT.


Gearing Servo Motors for Improved Performance
Selecting the right gear can help servos meet the demand for more complex moves at higher torques and speeds.
At times a motor’s capability may be limited to the point where it requires gearing. As servo manufacturers develop more powerful motors that can muscle applications through more complicated moves and produce higher torques and speeds, these motors require gearheads equal to the task.

ML18 Linear Motor
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The ML18 is the smallest member of Parker's I-Force ironless linear motor family. It incorporates the I-Force I-beam shape with overlapping windings to allow for high power density, improved heat removal, and added structural stiffness. In addition, the ironless linear motor design has no attractive forces, allowing for zero cogging, rapid accelerations, and easy installation.

Meet the XFC Series Electric Cylinder
The Extreme High Force electric cylinder features roller screw drive technology, making it an extremely high-thrust force product, packaged in an industrially hardened steel frame.
The XFC Series is Parker’s latest addition to the electric cylinder family of products serves to further extend the performance range and, when aligned with the ETH product line, it creates one of the most feature-rich and application-optimized product offerings on the market today. 

Introducing Parker's High Moment Rodless Linear Actuator Series
HMR is now being produced for North American market.
Parker is pleased to announce the domestic manufacturing of the complete line of High Moment Rodless (HMR) electromechanical linear actuator series.

“This move will serve to greatly improve product lead times as well as offering greater levels of customer support and customization options,” says Jeremy Miller, Parker’s Linear Mechanics Product Manager.

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